Daniel & Mayer brand, initially created as an Italian producer of shirts, still the strongest point of his collections, achieved a real total look thanks to his precious knits and tailored clothing.The adventure began at the end of the 60s, when Mayer, still a boy, gave shape an fulfilled his ambition. Riding a scooter and with remarkable determination and creativity, he started  searching fabrics to be weaved into  laboratories and offering his creations to the public.The refined taste of the product was so appreciated that the young entrepeneur, with the help of his brother Daniel, opened his first store in Milan, where he entrusted the sale to a network of sales representatives.Due to the great demand of his creations, Mayer created his first line of shirts with his wife and designer Camilla.The first store was launched in 1978 in via S.Gregorio 30, Milan, still point of reference of the brand image, which allowed the company to enter the world of distribution.                DANIEL & MAYER chose the “Made in Italy” as the distinctive character of the brand:the entire collection of shirts was entrusted to professional sewing factories. Even today Mayer supervises all phases of production: from the very first stage, to production and sale.During both design and production he chooses textures and colours matching.He also shows interests in buttons and embroidery of the collars, demanding excellence in every detail.He ensures the use of fine-quality fabrics and natural fibers: cotton, linen, lace, precious silk, jersey and shantung; all of them are available in multiple versions, from the classic polka dots and rigorous stripy to the most innovative prints.A high-quality product, together with a sophisticated image makes Daniel & Mayer shirts appreciated both nationally and internationally so that it can be considered an undisputed icon in the Italian-made products sector.Innovation and research never leaves "the fashion that used to be", creating a balanced blend of past and future, of tradition and modernity, of what was and what is yet to come.Today the company keeps on growing: in all the mono-brand stores one can appreciate, in addition to the refined shirts collection, tailored clothing and hand-made knitwear to get an exclusive and incomparable total-look. 

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  •       DANIEL & MAYER - Via San Gregorio 30, MI, ITALIA - P.I. 07986470156

    - Via S. Gregorio 30, MI - Tel. 0266981187

    - S.S. 11 Padana Superiore 18, Cernusco S/N. - Tel. 0292103617

    - Via Belfiore 12, MI - Tel +39 024690542

    - Via Francesco Sforza 48, MI - Tel. +39 0258325951

    - Piazza Virgilio 4, MI - Tel +39 0243995048

    - C.so B. Aires 18, MI - Tel +39 0229406550

    - Via Moscati 20, MI - Tel +39 02341183

    - C.so Indipendenza 25, MI - Tel +39 0245496192

    - C.so Cavour 28, 28041 Arona - Tel. +39 0322011341

    - Via Marghera 26, MI - Tel. +39 0224167134